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Presentation from Chas Rogers to Brian Craven

By 04/09/2019News

On visiting Leongatha last October to catch up with Brian, I suggested that in appreciation of having introduced me to the Narooma Men’ Shed and the considerable time he spent in guiding me to learn the process of woodturning, that I would endeavour to make up a memento so as  to recall his time in Narooma.

Quite some time has passed but after some input from a number of Shedders, and the support for the “MACS girls” we finally have an item to forward on.

I initially tried to find a white round tile to use to recess into a rounded timber base. No luck, but it was then that the “MACS girls” offered a square tile.

Similarly I procrastinated on what type of motif to use that might strike a chord with Brian – Lighthouse, Whale, Montague Island, etc.

I won’t try to cover all that have contributed to the discussion but I am indebted to Rob Atkinson who provided me with a bit of Craven family folklore. That on relocating to

 Narooma, Brian’s first Priority was to purchase a boat shed before considering a new home for the family.  A reminder  wife Elizabeth has often made over time.

So Rob came up with the perfect motif as you can see from the present. I had previously spoken to Bernie Perrett to use his painting skills but when finally ready Bernie was travelling and Margaret Moran came forward to complete the task – a fie result of her excellent talent.

Peter (Cutly) Carles located a piece of Bunya Pine that Brian had left with NMS and produced the caption at the base of the plaque.

So a big thank you to the “MACS girls” for the tiles, tyo Jennifer Hawkins for her guiding on trimmings, and to Margaret Moran for her excellent artistry.

I would like the group support to enable us to send off the plaque, a “thinking of you card” card, a current membership list – which has increased, as well as a copy of the plan for the new shed development, plus a photo of Rob Atkinson and Bernie Perrett as ab NSM effort.

This I hope will update Brian as to the further growth of the Narooma Men’s Shed in the past year. Brian, as an instigator back in 2011 and on formation became the first president along with Rob Atkinson as the first secretary and still mush a contributor today.


Chas Rogers